Team Sky test aerodynamics

GCN, (Global Cycling Network) presenter Matt Stevens sits down with Team Sky’s management for an exclusive behind the scenes look into their week long testing to get faster.  Like many other Tour teams, Sky invests a lot into the “off-bike” crew because regardless of the riders’ talents, the simplest of outside variances can make or break a victory.


One of Sky’s key members is Master of Aeroness, Robbie Ketchell. Rob has taken the data analytics of aerodynamics to another level by using technology in a real world environment rather than a wind tunnel. Taking a rider’s power output while he is actually riding (novel idea, I know), they take a live look at power while at a “Set Speed” to determine the Drag in current riding position. They then take a look at the rider’s bio-metric data to make sure the rider is not in too extreme a position to produce said results to prevent injury.


Doing this, they can adjust the rider with the goal of either increasing the rider’s speed at the same power output, or decreasing the rider’s output at the same speed without risking injury during a very long and fatiguing season. By measuring everything during a rider’s more natural state, the results will be more likely to be reproduced during a race.

Check out the insightful video past the break that takes you behind the scenes of Team Sky’s aerodynamics testing:



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