Kickstarter: Lumos – A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet


In order to combat challenges with visibility at night, Lumos was created to be an all-in one solution to help keep you safe in the dark. With over 60 LEDs integrated into the shell, the helmet is visible in all directions with a high positioning that makes it easy to see by motor vehicles. With automatic brake lights and a signaling system built in, the Lumos helps cars to see and anticipate your movements whether stopping or turning. It’s all wrapped up into a durable and comfortable package that you only have to worry about keeping recharged.  Check out the Kickstarter video

This smart helmet features a built in accelerometer to sense when you’re slowing or stopping aggressively, to increase the brightness and number of the lights in the rear.


Most exciting about this model, however, is a turn signal system that features a wireless remote signals for your handlebar. The button remote automatically pairs with your helmet when they are in close proximity and boasts a six month battery life with regular use. The remote, like the helmet, is water resistant to keep it running in wet weather conditions.

There is a single port for a USB charger, so it is simple to keep lit, and a single button to turn on. With daily use on a 30 minute commute, the Lumos should last a week on a single charge.

The Lumos comes in Charcoal Black or Pearl White, so you can match your color scheme, and two sizes to fit heads 54cm-62cm in circumference. The helmet meets CPSC and EN1078 safety requirements for the UK and the US. The electronics meet both FCC and CE standards.

You can get your very own Lumos for $119 through this limited Kickstarter Special deal.


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