New cycle safety film illustrates a lorry driver’s perspective

Studies show that despite making up just 4% of London’s traffic, Heavy Goods Vehicles are involved in 43% of London cyclist deaths.

There is much that can be done to improve this shocking status quo; the freight industry is responding too, by trialling safety technology and lower cabs with improved visability, as seen recently at City Hall.

But cyclists must also take responsibility to keep themselves safe.  This is not to suggest that any of the recent deaths and serious injuries in London were the blame of the cyclists involved.  However you don’t have to stand for long at a junction in central London to see that there is a need for more people to understand about the dangers posed by lorries, and why it is a bad idea to cycle down the side of them; even if the bicycle lane and Advanced Stop Line invites you to do so.

Watch this video produced by Exchanging Places a scheme run by The Cycle Task Force of the Metthe Metropolitan Police which not only shows you the point of view of cyclists but also that of a lorry driver, and what operating one of these machines can be like.  With a little awareness raising, perhaps we can help to limit London’s cyclists exposure to danger, whilst we wait for our politicians and leaders to limit the source of it.



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