New Alfa Romeo bicycles


Much like a number of high end automobile manufacturers, Alfa Romeo has their own line ofbicycles that bears their name. Designed in part by Alfa, and produced by Compagnia Ducale, the bikes offer a unique take on the Italian automaker’s distinct style. Their latest collaboration, the 4C IFD, built to celebrate their new sporty roadster, is no less unique. While not quite as overbuilt as the Alfa Romeo Cross, the 4c IFD has its own unique frame.


The Innovative Frame Design (or IFD), is said to resemble a stylized number 4 and C. Not only that, but the unique carbon frame structure is built to emulate the C-shaped carbon rails used on the actual 4c’s frame. In addition to the HM40 T700 carbon tubes, steel tie rods are uses at the “structural strong points” of the frame to reinforce/hold it together.

Alfaromeo_4C_white-940x563-600x359While it’s possible the bikes will be equipped with Vision’s Metron TT style shifters, we’re assuming that the bikes will actually be equipped with regular drop bars and Campagnolo shifters based on thespecs, with the exception of the single speed version. The made in Italy bicycles will retail from $4,700 to $12,000 depending on the build with bikes available from Veloce to Record.


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