Dutch students set new world bicycle speed record of 83.13mph!


Aero is all the rage among the current crop of road bikes, but this specially-designed, fully-enclosed recumbent powered by a recent Dutch university graduate broke the cycling speed record.

It took the perservence and bike know-how of a sponsored group of Dutch university students and the flat, straight roads of the Nevada desert to make cycling history. Employing computer simulations, a slippery Formula One-derived coating, and a rigorous training regimen (15 to 20 hours every week for a year), students from TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam were able to push the boundaries of human-powered speed.



Requiring perfect conditions, the speed record of 83.13 mph (133.78 km/h) was set over a 200 meter stretch of road with an 8km run-up on September 15th by Sebastiaan Bowier.  Even if the old record was more nudged aside than shattered (0.37 mph or 0.6 km/h faster than the previous record held by Canadian Sam Wittingham), the incremental gain at such speeds is still quite an accomplishment.

Via Phys.org and the Human Power Team’s site.


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