A broken rib for Brad and severe bruising for Shane

Hot on the heels of Bradley Wiggins’ collision last night comes the news that GB Track coach Shane Sutton was involved in a separate incident near Levenshulme, Manchester this morning. With two high profile cycle-related accidents in 24 hours and the sad legacy of the cyclist killed during the 2012 Games, surely it’s time for the Government to take cycling safety seriously?

Wiggins was hit by a van pulling out of a petrol station, resulting in a broken rib and finger but has now been released from hospital. Sutton suffered severe bruising and bleeding on the brain and is expected to remain in hospital for the next few days.

British Cycling issued a statement saying: “”Cycling is not an intrinsically dangerous activity but there is much more to be done to improve conditions for cyclists on the roads. British Cycling is calling on the government to put cycling at the heart of transport policy to ensure that cycle safety is built into the design of all new roads, junctions and transport projects, rather than being an afterthought.”

Double rowing gold medallist James Cracknell, who himself suffered a near-fatal accident whilst cycling across America tweeted: “Nobody is 100% safe on public highway pedestrians, cyclists, drivers… Brad get well buddy, thought you’d be seen in that yellow top.”


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