How a simple sticker is reducing the number of doorings in New York

In New York City, the Department of Transportation (the equivalent of our TfL) has unveiled a new initiative aiming to reduce the number of doorings. This is when a driver or passenger opens their door in the way of a cyclist. Something that here in the UK, is illegal.

Part of the campaign involves 26,000 stickers, that are to be placed on the windows and doors of the city’s 13,000 cabs that roam New York City. The theory being, this is the perfect moment to remind people to check for passing cyclists.

This will be coupled with the below advert that will be shown on the screens inside taxi’s.

The city has recorded seven deaths because of dooring incidents over the past five years.

This new initiative is part of a wider campaign using the Look logo where the two O’s show a pair of eyes. These have also been placed on dangerous crossings. According to the Department of Transports data, 57% of traffic fatalities involve pedestrians.

There’s no doubting the campaign is a good initiative to change road users behaviour. However, I’m sure most cycle campaigners would prefer announcements of new segregated cycle lanes, that keep cyclists safe from traffic in the first place.


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