7 ways to fit cycling into your week

There never seems to be enough hours in the day and as the nights start to draw in, it’s much more tempting to stay in and watch a West Wing episode rather than getting out and about on your bike.

Here are seven easy ways to sneak in a bit of cycling to even the busiest of schedules, even trying just one of them will help you feel better and get you out of the house:

  1. Instead of taking over an hour to get changed, get in the car, go to the gym, work out, get changed and drive back again, you could just hop on your bike and go for a quick cycle. More time saved and just as many calories burned.
  2. Cycle to work, or if there’s room at work for your bike, go for a cycle at lunchtimes. It’ll save you some £s and lose you some lbs too!
  3. If you’re a busy parent, take the kids with you!  You can choose from child seats, trailers and tag-alongs for tiny children or get older children a bike of their own for their birthday/Christmas/not talking for at least an hour.
  4. Fancy a snack? Burn off the calories from that family sized bag of Maltesers in advance by cycling to the local shop.
  5. Set a date and time each week to cycle and stick to it (an achievable one, not 10pm on a Saturday when you’re usually down the pub). It will hopefully dedicate you more to the cause.
  6. If you’ve woken up early and can’t get back to sleep, get out for a quick ride before breakfast to feel energised ready for the day.
  7. Socialize – tempt some friends into coming with you, take a picnic and make a day of it.

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