Millar free to compete at London Olympic Games

Media reports suggest that David Millar will be among the benefactors of a Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling which overturns the British Olympic Association’s (BOA) by-law that bans convicted British drugs cheats from taking part in the Games under a lifetime sanction.

The CAS is due to hand down its decision on Monday afternoon (GMT).  The BBC was just one of several media outlets to pre-empt the announcement while the BOA released a statement saying:

“The British Olympic Association can confirm that it has received from the Court of Arbitration for Sport the written decision in the arbitration between the BOA and the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA).  As the decision is to be announced first by CAS, and out of respect for CAS and the Arbitration Panel, the BOA will be offering no comment today.”

WADA has ruled that the BOA’s policy of giving lifetime Olympic bans to athletes who have served doping suspensions is in violation of the World Anti-doping Agency’s code which already provides guidelines for doping punishments.

The BOA appealed that decision to the CAS.


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