No labour charge repair service benefits cycling

The costs of maintaining a bicycle can be seen as a barrier to people cycling so an innovative bicycle maintenance project in Hartlepool where the local council subsidies labour charges gets a thumbs up from us.

Hartlepool Borough Council is offering the bicycle repair and maintenance service from Summerhill, a 100-acre outdoor activities centre and Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in the town.

Bike owners will have to pay for any new parts that are required, although labour charges on fixing any existing problems or fixing new parts will be free for the first year of the scheme.

The Council’s Outdoor Activities Co-ordinator Adam Reah does have one proviso though. All bikes should be washed and cleaned before they are brought in. I think that is fair enough given labour charges are free. The initiative will hopefully get more people cycling in Hartlepool.

The council hopes Summerhil will become a focus for cycling activity in the town following funding of £10,000 from Sport England to develop the facility.


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