Mudguards for bikes

If you’ve cycled for long enough you’ll no doubt be aware of all the gunk on the road that you always tell yourself you should one day clean off your bike. Fortunately, a good set of mudguards goes a good way towards keeping this mud, petrol residue and water off you and your bike. Which is good, because they really don’t do sensitive components of your bike any good.

In this post I’ll be talking a little about the different types of mudguards for bikes and giving a couple of recommendations.

Mountain bike mudguards

As a teenager I lived off these mudguards.  Whilst they are by no means the prettiest they generally do their job pretty well.  They are also incredibly easy to fit.  You simply undo the Allen bolt on your seat post, slide on the rear mudguard and put everything back together again.  The front mudguard is then positioned onto the down tube and attaches firmly in position.  The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

A quick search on Wiggle will reveal plenty of great options with the Crud Twinpac Crud Catcher & Raceguard being a standard choice.

Road bike mudguards

Road bike mudguards fit closely to the front and rear wheel and provide excellent protection from water being lifted from the road. There can be some complications with fitting this style of mudguard for bikes because you may not have the necessary attachments on your frame.  A quick inspection should reveal the necessary holes.

The other complication is that perhaps there isn’t enough clearance with the frame and the wheel to fit certain mudguards.  Again, this will need to be checked.  Whilst you should aim to position these mudguards close to your wheel you should still have enough clearance to allow for any leaves and so forth that may get caught up in the wheels rotation.

In this category of mudguard I thoroughly recommend the SKS Blumels Road Mudguard Set.


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