Introducing the Cobra Tire Lever

According to the manufacturer, the Cobra Tire Tool is based on equipment used in the commercial and car tyre industries.

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One thought on “Introducing the Cobra Tire Lever

  1. Chris,
    Thanks for posting the info on the Cobra Tire Tool!

    It is unbelievable how fast the word has spread around the globe about this new concept in demounting / remounting bicycle tires. I introduced the Cobra Tire Tool at a local bike ride called the Hilly Hundred in 2010 and since then the response has been phenomenal!

    Yes, it is true that I developed the tool with the same basic concepts and principles used in the commercial and automotive tire industry. With more than 20 years of experience in that industry, I wondered why the technology and methods that we used hadn’t crossed over into the cycling world. Utilizing a straight bar lever to manually pry a tire off the rim was old school and dates back over 100 years. It was time to bring the art of working on a bike tire into the 21st. century!

    I developed the prototype of the tool over 13 years ago but didn’t do anything with the design until early 2010 when friends and family members finally convenience me to take a risk and see what happens. I was amazed at how simple the design was and how easily it worked. In fact that was the cause of the 13+ year delay in producing it. I just couldn’t believe someone else hadn’t already brought it to market.

    Thanks again for thinking the Cobra Tire Tool important enough to include in your site!

    Jim Walls

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