Bus driver probed for “driving” at cyclists

The incident in Leeds, which happened on October 30, saw a bus driver, in the words of Drighlington Bicycle Club member Wayne Fitch, drive “violently” and “purposefully” drive at him and four other members of club. The action caused a number of the cyclists to fall.  Wayne and the club had been cycling on the A58 through Birkenshaw. Wayne told the Yorkshire Evening Post that members had been cycling single file when the bus came behind it and eventually tried to drive into the group.  A member of the club did manage to catch up with the bus driver and was told by him that he drove into the group because the cyclists had “slowed” him down.

A record of the details of the bus was taken by Wayne, who sent a letter of complaint to Arriva, the owner of the bus in the incident:

“To be so arrogant as to virtually admit what he did was pre-meditated and deliberate leads me to think that this driver has a serious issue with certain other sections of road users and a period of rehabilitation or retraining is needed as a matter of urgency before he does something he will truly regret”

Arriva has promised to send a plain-clothes inspector to monitor the driver’s performance, which could result in his dismissal following an inspector’s report.


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