Check the spare tube in your repair kit

I recently heard some top tips about the spare inner tube you keep in your repair kit in case of a flat tyre:

  • Keep those black caps you typically toss from tube valves and out one on the tube in your repair kit. This keeps the valve from wearing or poking a hole in your tube!
  • Check your repair tube every 1-3 months. While in the repair kit the vibration from your riding can create friction. Over time this can simply wear a hole in your tube.

The advice may not seem like much but when you are out on that long solo ride, get a flat and your replacement tube has a hole – you are going to learn this same lesson the hard way!


6 thoughts on “Check the spare tube in your repair kit

    • They are cheap, the guy was just making the point that the tube can deteriorate in your bag over time so if you suddenly try to use it after many months of it being in your kit bag then it might not actually be all ok.

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