Landis faces 18-month suspended sentence

The prosecutor investigating claims that Floyd Landis attempted to hack the computer of the French anti-doping agency in an apparent quest to change the data in his 2006 Tour de France doping case, has recommended the American be given an 18-month suspended sentence.  An identical penalty has been recommended for Landis’ coach Arnie Baker, who is also named in the case.

Landis tested positive for testosterone during the 2006 Tour de France. His doping controls were handled by the Chatenay-Malabry laboratory. In November 2006, the lab reported that its computer systems had been infected with a “Trojan Horse” virus, which was used by someone to access the lab’s confidential documents. The lab said that data had been removed or changed, allegedly in an attempt to discredit the work of the organisation.

The main character in the trial is Alain Quiros, who worked for a company named Kargus Consultants. He is accused of having hacked computer systems and illegally retrieved thousands of confidential documents for a multitude of clients, including Landis.

Landis, however, has denied being involved in any hacking activity or using any illegally obtained material and neither he nor Baker have been present for the hearings.


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