Dekker to provide information to WADA

Thomas Dekker is to meet with WADA officials in the coming weeks. The Dutch rider, who came back from a two-year doping suspension in July, has offered to cooperate with the sport’s anti-doping body.  In a letter addressed to David Howan, Dekker states:

“I am fully disposable and cooperative with regard to possible questions you might have in connection with my knowledge of doping in the world of professional cycling.”

The letter was dated April of this year, during Dekker’s suspension, but it is likely that the rider will travel to Lausanne, Switzerland in the coming weeks for what could be one of the most important discussions on doping in recent years. Dekker served a two year ban for EPO use but was also embroiled in the Human Plasma case.

“I’ve chosen to be 100 per cent transparent and forthcoming to WADA about my past, not to rectify past wrongs, but to help them test more effectively and to prevent doping in the future.  My 2 years have been served, in their entirety, so speaking to WADA isn’t a ”deal” to help them with some ongoing investigation, it’s simply my own desire to try and help out going forward. I can help them make sport better. Period.”

Dekker has aimed at rehabilitating his career in the same fashion as David Millar – as a vocal rider in the fight against doping, who himself also rides for Garmin.

In August, Dekker said that Garmin were his primary choice:

“Since January 2010 I have always had the goal to make a comeback with Jonathan Vaughter’s team. I am not there yet, but I am on the right path. It’s a long path, with tests, commitments and now a place in their ‘second team.’ I learned from my mistakes, and coming back with the clean team will be the ultimate victory for myself and the perfect fit from rider perspective. I hope I am given another chance, but I understand that it isn’t as simple as just asking to be forgiven and then jumping back into the top level. I will earn it. Slowly and patiently. And I will show that I can be a positive force in cycling.”


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