Bargain cycling kit: Karrimor

As someone starting to cycle more seriously I needed to get some proper cycling clothes, but I couldn’t afford much so it was great to discover some fantastic bargains at – certainly not a shop I’d have expected to find supplying my cycling needs.  For £19.00 I got a cycle top, shorts and tights – that’s cheaper than most of these items cost on their own – great for a beginner like me only just gettign into the sport:

Karrimor Short Sleeve Top

The Karrimor Short Sleeve Cycle Top is a bargain at £7.00.  It a lightweight top with mesh panels under the arms for breathability.  The top has a half-zipped neck which can give that extra little bit of fresh air on a hot summer ride. There is a zipped pocket to the rear for secure storage of things like keys etc..  It comes in two colours, a royal blue and a horrific orange – I obviously bought the royal blue!

Karrimor Padded Cycling Shorts


I didn’t realise what I was missing out on until I started wearing these shorts.  Saddles can often be uncomfortable, but that is now history with these lovely shorts.  They are a stretch fit to be aerodynamic, but have thick padding around the groin and rear.  The shorts have reflective detailing to the Karrimor logos and back stripes for increased low light visibility.  I’m sure there are better shorts out on the maket but I challenge you to find me a pair this good at only £5.00!

Karrimor Padded Cycle Tights

The Karrimor Padded Cycle Tights are very similar in style and fit to the shorts that I bought above.  They have a stretch fit with an elasticated waistband, and again feature a thick padded section around the groin and rear for cushioning and comfort.  The tights also have a reflective stripe to the rear along with reflective Karrimor logos printed to the front, designed to increase visibility in low light conditions.  For £7.00 they are a bargain.



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