Rewarded for cycling and walking

Would the reward of vouchers and discounts from a retailer like Marks and Spencer make you walk or cycle more?

Such an incentive scheme is being launched by Transport for London’s (TfL) to get more walking and cycling in the capital.

The transport authority is teaming up with US firm Recyclebank to offer a rewards system that has been successfully tried and tested in the US (though based on recycling as opposed to cycling/walking). A number of UK local authorities are also working with Recyclebank to offer a rewards system based on the recycling of products.

People who join up to the rewards system are awarded points for trips made by bike or foot. They can then redeem these points with a Recyclebank retail or brand partner against goods/services. Recyclebank will use technology on a person’s smartphone to record the journeys.

It is a nice idea to get more people cycling and walking but the success of the rewards scheme will depend on getting brand and retail reward partners to join the scheme as the carrot for people to register with Recyclebank. In the US, the likes of Unilever and Coca-Cola are involved.


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