UK Police Stop and Proof Campaign

Lancashire police have recently started a targeted “stop and proof” campaign where cyclists are being stopped by the police and asked to prove ownership of the bicycle either through a receipt, bank statement, insurance policy etc.  The police then have the authority to confiscate bicycles that they don’t deem properly documented.

I’m not sure what I’d do, I’m sure I do have the documentation in a filing cabinet but if I was stopped by the police I’m not sure how quickly I could locate them.  All my bikes before my Dawes Horizon bike were second hand bikes that I would have had no documentation for, what would happen then?  Does the bike get seized, do I get arrested?

Rumour has it, acceptable documentation regarding ownership could be a receipt, a photograph of the rider on the bike seized, a house insurance document/bicycle insurance document that has the bike listed or a bank statement showing the purchase of the bike from a cycle shop.  Lancashire Police said that inquiries could also be carried out with the shop that the bike was bought from to confirm ownership.

I guess I better get a photo of me on my bike soon!


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