Blackfriars Bridge October 12th!

The LCC sent out a newsletter yesterday with information about the next Blackfriars bridge flashride.  Unlike previous flashrides this one gives us plenty of warning.  It’s important that we show up in numbers to show just how important it is.

The Mayor and TfL seem to consistently show that their policies are focussed on drivers, which adds to the high levels of congestion and pollution but also continues to put cyclists and pedestrians in danger as they increase the speed limit and decrease the space we have to use.

It’s time for action, cyclists in the city and ibikeslondon have been pushing this forward for quite some time, but they need help from everyone to protest against this, even if don’t use this bridge.

All London cyclists are being urged to join the third ‘Flashride’ to show the Mayor how dismayed we are that the new Blackfriars will do nothing for cyclist safety.  Riders are encouraged to meet at 5.45pm, outside Doggetts pub, on Wednesday 12 October.  From 6pm, a peaceful protest will take place as thousands show their support for a better Blackfriars.

Show your support on the LCC page and by turning on Blackfriars bridge on Wednesday the 12th of October at 5.45pm.


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