Mark Cavendish is World Champion!

Congratulations to Mark Cavendish and Team GB for finishing off an amazing victory in the World Road Championship – the first since Tom Simpson in 1965.

Froome and Wiggins were phenomenal at pacing the peleton.  I don’t think a team has ever dominated so much in a World Championship from start to finish. Quite often national teams lack a unity of purpose, but today Britain rode with a single minded purpose to set up a thrilling finale.  Despite an uphill finish and no real train left to lead him out, Cavendish squeezed his way through to win on the line.  It can be easy with so much expectation, but Cavendish seems to have a mentality of a winner.

Cavendish is very keen to praise his team mates and thank them for their work.  He said he would wear the World Champion jersey with pride, but he would also wear it on behalf of Great Britain.

If there is any athlete in Britain who deserves to win Sports Personality of the Year in 2011 – it is Mark Cavendish.  It would be fitting for him to be the first cyclist to win the award since Tom Simpson in 1965.  His achievements are not only amazing in one of the hardest sports, but he is also a real personality.

Also a great result for the rest of the GB squad in Copenhagen.


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