Failing in my mileage target

My mileage target for this week was 27 miles, but I’ve only managed 11 miles so I’m down by 16 miles.

I can see three main problems:

  1. As always life got a little too busy, things I didn’t expect happened meaning I didn’t have enough time to get on the bike.
  2. I’m a fair-weather cyclist – the rain this week hasn’t encouraged me to get out on the bike much.
  3. I’m just lazy.

When you’ve missed the target, how do you get back on the bike?


One thought on “Failing in my mileage target

  1. Keep going and don’t worry about not meeting this week’s target. I try to get around on bike so that I save petrol. That’s a great incentive for me. But I don’t then chastise myself if it’s raining hard or like today very strong gusts of wind. Cycling in the rain is hard work because you’ve got limited visibility and braking is harder. Drivers aren’t exactly kind to you either. I haven’t done as much exercise as I wanted to this week, but I always think that I will try to do a bit more next week, as that’s a new week.

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