The launch of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain has recently been officialy launched.  It’s main focus is that Britain must build Dutch-style cycling infrastructure if it ever wants to achieve mass cycling rates.

Cycling Embassy of Great Britain founder and Chair, Jim Davis, said:

“We’ve all seen some of the terrible cycle lanes around the UK; they cost us all money but few people are prepared to use them because they’re often dangerous and poorly conceived. No one in their right mind would let their children cycle to school on the worse of them! The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain looks to countries that are successfully building a cycling culture, and wants to use their knowledge here in the UK to ensure only high quality and safe spaces for people on bicycles are built from now on. British people are sick of paying through the nose for public transport, or fuming in traffic congestion. They’d love an alternative means of transport but aren’t prepared to consider riding a bike because they are afraid; not of the act of actually riding but of riding on the conditions the UK’s roads currently present. We need only look across the North Sea for great examples of how to design streets for people with safe – and if necessary separate – cycling infrastructure which will lead to a much higher cycling rate than we currently have.”

See here for the full press release

They’ve got some great content already, including a Mission Statement and Manifesto and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ sections.


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