Help to stop longer lorries

CTC, the national cycling organisation, has put out a call for cyclists to help play their part in trying to stop the introduction of dangerously long lorries on UK streets.  The UK government is planning to allow lorries that are 2.05m longer and allow lorries up to 18.55m in length on UK roads having put the matter out to consultation before the summer.

More cyclist deaths

CTC said the increase in length would mean bigger blind spots and more tail swing, which is likely to result in more cyclist deaths when a lorry turns.  Lorries are already involved in a disproportionate number of crashes with both cyclists and pedestrians and instead of increasing the danger from lorries, the Government should be working to reduce the threat that already exists, the CTC said.

Cyclists can help

The CTC is asking all cyclists to take action to prevent this by asking their MP to write to road safety minister Mike Penning. Cyclists can find their MPs directly by filling in this CTC form with the CTC providing a draft letter that can be modified.

While left turns account for just 3% of overall road fatalities involving a lorry, the figure for cyclists’ deaths was 38%. Freight on Rail and the Campaign for Better Transport have commissioned research which further suggests that safety would deteriorate with longer lorry trailers.


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