2011 first quarter Road Casualty Statistics

The road casualty stats are out again. Good news if you travel by car, as serious casualties are down 9% year-on-year. If you ride a motorcycle, you were 6% less likely to suffer a KSI (killed or seriously injured). Not such good news if you’re a pedestrian – only a 3% reduction; but that is nothing compared to cyclists who have a 10% increase in KSIs!

The Quarter 1 results are even more pronounced: comparing Quarter 1 2011 with Quarter 1 2010, there was a 7% reduction in car-occupant KSIs, but a 4% increase for motorcyclists, 16% increase for pedestrians and a massive 26% increase for cyclists. You can’t take one quarter in isolation and extrapolate because there are factors like poor weather that distort the trend, but nevertheless it’s alarming and real people did die and were injured – these are not just statistics.

What’s more alarming is the trend over the last couple of years. The number of pedal cyclists killed increased by 7 per cent from 104 in 2009 to 111 in 2010. The number seriously injured in accidents reported to the police increased by 2 per cent to 2,660.

These statistics are worrying, and highlight the need for the road system and drivers to be better prepared for cyclists.


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